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Event Frame Advanced Search

There is no ability to refine the event frames returned. Even worse there is no mechanism other than the name to identify the differences between event frames. We do have multiple different types of EF's on a single item of equipment; for example we might have an EF for downtime and another for "idle time" (equipment running but not doing anything useful).

There is no way currently to filter the EF results based on the EF Template or category. I would also include the template and category in the search results

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COMPLETED  ·  Tom LeBay responded  · 

A new search configuration dialog has been added to PI Coresight 2016 R2 that allows custom searching for events. Now users can search by event severity, custom time range, asset name, asset type, attribute value, and more. The search configuration is saved with the display so users can quickly find events of interest without the need to reconfigure.

Thank you for providing your feedback and helping us add the features you want to PI Coresight.
The PI Coresight Development Team.


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  • Alejandro Molano commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Customer in the mining industry has the same request: add feature to compare event frames for multiple assets in the same screen.

  • ehoffman commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Would like the ability to save an Event Comparison Display so that It can be easily viewed with out having to select "Compare Similar Events".

    It would also be nice to be able to remove the Trend Lines and just simply have the data points displayed as shown in the attached screenshot.

    Finally but probably most importantly we need all of the related assets each site has in one event comparison display. For our use case we need to compare all of our fermenters together not as individuals. See the attached screenshots.

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