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PI AF Nested Parent/Child Asset Search

We noticed that if we created in PI AF a parent template with a nested a child template, and subsequently instantiated the nested parent/child template in a PI AF hierarchy, PI Coresight would only recognize the instantiated parent asset in a related asset search. For example, in PI AF we are creating a parent template for a reactor and are looking to nest a child template for a weigh scale that only applies to a subset of all reactors. We want PI Coresight to return in a related asset search all reactors and the weigh scale where applicable.

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    I like to add an other example: In our Plant we run different heat exchanger types like liquid-liquid plate HE, reboilers, condensers. To automize the plant anlytics we have for each type a different element template with special analysis. All this templates are derived from general HE template which provides attribute templates for the analysis results (e.g. k value).

    In Pi ProcessBook I can search in the "Elements of Interest" for the Base Template and can switch between the different heat exchanger type elements. In this way I can use the same graphic for different heat exchanger types with different templates.

    PI Vision does not provide this function yet.

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