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  1. Configure Vision Display to Force Secure https Access

    Add the ability via a checkbox to the display page properties (ie: keywords, owner, who can view, read-only setting, etc) to force access to that display as https rather than http. This would provide a couple different benefits...

    (A) for displays that contain an XY Plot or Events Table, which require an https connection, it will prevent a user from accessing the page using http only and find it to not work correctly.

    (B) for displays that contain more sensitive data, it will prevent non-SSL access to the page.

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    It is recommended that HTTPS be enabled and enforced at the web site level. By default, PI Vision will be configured to use HTTPS, however, if you install to a site that has an existing HTTP binding this will not be removed during the installation process.

    Enforcing HTTPS can be done done in IIS Manager by removing any HTTP bindings on the PI Vision web site and by enabling the ‘Require SSL’ setting.

    As of PI Vision 2019, the XY Plot and Events Table symbols use the same data access mechanism as the other symbols so there are no longer differences in the connections that different symbols require.

  2. Text Editing in CoreSight 2016 beta

    In the 2016 Beta, is it possible to edit text once entered, or must it be deleted and re added ? It would be useful to adjust the text size, and ideally have an italic font as well as a standard font such as is already in use.

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