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  1. Asset Comparison Display

    Be able to easily create an asset comparison display where the same attribute on an asset is compared against other similar assets (for example, based on template) over a time range.

    For example, compare the MW produced on all Wind Turbines over the last day, which on a trend the traces would be the name of each asset.

    Note: This was previously Enhancement 93111.

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    In the PI Vision 2017 release, we introduced Collections and an Asset Comparison Table, both of which allow you to quickly and easily compare attributes across similar assets.

    We are looking for feedback on whether or not these features satisfy this request for an Asset Comparison Display.

  2. Match Trace Colors Between the Display and Ad Hoc

    In the PI Vision ad hoc workspace, the colors of the traces in the ad hoc trends should match the colors that they were in the display they came from, instead of being randomly assigned a new color when they are added.

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    In PI Vision 2019, if a trend symbol is added to an empty ad hoc workspace, the trace colors used in the workspace will be the same colors that were defined in the trend. If there are already data items in the workspace, the colors will be assigned in a specific order so that there are no duplicates.

    When data from any other symbol is added to the workspace, the data items will always get assigned a color in a specific order.

    Please let us know if this is the behavior you are looking for or if you are looking for colors to be preserved in other cases.

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