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  1. internet explorer vs Chrome

    I realize that this very well may be out of OSIsoft's control. However the very noticeable performance difference between Internet Explorer and Chrome on displays, particularly ones utilizing many objects is problematic. Internet Explorer is still such a heavily used browser within the organization. Its confusing for many since we would recommend Chrome usage, but that results in users having to juggle applications requiring IE in the organization and Chrome.

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    PI Vision is built and tested to function when visited by any of its supported browsers, but may not have equal performance on each browser.

    As a modern web application, PI Vision relies on client-side JavaScript execution in browsers to provide a fast and smooth experience for users. JavaScript execution is completely dependent on the interpretation, compilation, and run-time code provided by the browser’s JavaScript engine. As such, browsers with faster JavaScript engines will provide faster performance in PI Vision.

  2. Allow Recrawling Indexed Search Databases Directly from PI Vision

    As a PI Vision user, I would like PI Vision to have the ability to initiate a PI Web API Indexed Search database recrawl from the PI Vision web application itself, instead of requiring an administrator to navigate to the Indexed Search Admin page to do this. This would allow users to make newly created assets appear in the search results on demand. This ability could be limited to a specific set of privileged users.

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