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Allow "PI View" target to be disabled

I would like the option to remove or disable the "PI View" target on the Data Warehouse, Azure, and SAP Hana editions. 

In these editions, the PIIntegratorDB is expected to remain small because the data is published out to a separate database.  The problem, however, is that users may accidentally publish very large views to the "PI View" target instead of, for example, Azure Data Lake.  This can fill up drive space on the SQL server and prevent the Integrator (or other services that rely on that SQL server) from running.

For these editions, most users will not be publishing to PI Views, so we should have the option to remove that target.

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  • Louis-Philippe Page-Morin commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Furthermore, the installation of the PI SQL Data Access Server (PI SQL DAS) should also be optional and not installed if the PI View option was to be unselected during installation. Some Pharma customers require to validate software and if the PI SQL DAS is installed but never going to be used, then it adds some complexity to the deployment of the PII4BA.

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