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Show Date and Time of Local PI Server, Not PI AF Instance

Currently, the timestamp which is shown in the export files is the date and time of the PI AF server which is extracting the data, not the date and time on the local PI server that the data is extracted from.  Like Datalink, we need the ability to pull data based on local date and time.

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    A specific view should ideally be scheduled for a specified timezone, using the timezone (and DST rules) of that region to determine the interval times, schedule times, etc.

    Now i need to workaround differences in timezones and DST in AF EventFrames and use Analytics, but having logic in there to create e.g. a 'day' interval for the local timezone.

    For a user story statement:
    Using the Integrator i want to be able to extract daily data based on a day for a specific timezone. Using multiple views i can then accomodate multiple regions with different timezones in a single Integrator instance.

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