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Sign up for updates on the PI AF Server for new event frames

Currently, the PI Integrator for BA 2018 will add rows for event frames ending within the scheduled update time range. It would be better if the PI Integrator signed up for updates on the database and gets a list of all new or modified event frames to handle the cases where event frames are closed with an end time in the past that is not covered by the run period anymore.

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  • Mark_Scott commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Currently we have a PIBA (PI Integrator for BA) View, publishing to a SQL table, that is set to Run in a Continuous Mode (once a day from *-7d to *) for the event frames for building KPIs with Power BI. Classifications of event frames with PI Vision by Operations employees can happen or change days after the event occurs. We would like PIBA to backfill anything that has changed during that 7 day (or any number of days) window.

  • Lok Shun Ko commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Use cases:
    1) It's not uncommon for analyses to be triggered and close event frames several minutes into the past. Lab values that are entered manually are one example. Refer to case 900272.

    2) Mobile assets often have limited connectivity to send data to the PI System. Often times, they will lose connection for 2-3 hours, and finally update data when arriving back to home base. These event frames are backfilled into the PI AF Server by PI Analysis, but do not get published by the PI Integrator

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