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Ability to Create View Templates

For a large implementation of the Integrator, the ability to create View Templates would be very helpful. While the ability to create a View based on an existing View and the ability to export/import Views are both steps in the right direction, I'd like a View template to be source agnostic with regard to the Asset Shape. For example, I want to configure a metadata view that will have PI Points, uoms, paths, categories, descriptions, etc. for each Attribute I'm publishing in another View. We're talking hundreds of columns as a result. If I try to import this View, then switch the template it's based upon, it doesn't work. So I have to configure this manually for each and every site, across 56 sites and growing. Given the current configuration page is incredibly clunky and time-consuming, this is an enormous undertaking.

I'd like to do similar things for a 10min. interval View with statistical calculations and a 1s interval View for "raw" data. Columns that are excluded or don't appear in the new template could be highlighted so they can be deleted and I can manually add any necessary columns. This would greatly reduce the amount of time necessary to configure my Views, as well as allow for improved consistently across Views.

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