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Make it easy to find updated security patches to OSISoft Products

As a PI Administrator for a power company I am asked twice a month to verify that none of the products I support have had a security patch released.  Any such products in a NERC zone need to be patched within the next 12 days.

It used to be fairly easy to look at updates to all PI Client tools to find released security patches.  So far I haven't been able to find out if any have been patched.  This would also include interfaces which are prone to being run in a NERC environment.

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  • ViinceAtPeakRC commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I repeat my complaint about the 'My Feed' tool on the customer portal along with David Fairchild. This is simply not a workable solution for me. To add insult to injury a massive number of release bulletins were loaded without any chronological context. As of this post most all of them are all April 11, 2019. To re-emphasize they are illegible in their current state. For example there are only about 18 leading characters. Who can read headlines that are only 18 character in length? Here is an example from today of a news feed where I truncated the headlines down to 18 characters each. Ask yourself if you can figure out the point of the articles from these:
    Nicole Kidman says
    Trump calls for un
    Paula Abdul injure
    Dying woman gets w
    Sarah Sanders: Rus
    Reps. Johnson and
    Sophie Turner weds
    I can't tell what they are about and these are trivial. I am having to update security patches for critical infrastructure and data tools. Your current 'My Feed' makes it agonizingly difficult. Please restore chronological context, and increase the width of the column or reduce the font or something to make these legible. I need to easily discern their relevance and importance. Thanks.

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