How can we improve PI Connectors?

PI Connector for IEC 60870-5-104 bi-directional between SCADA and PI

RWE Power AG

“But one really important feature we need, is the ability to write back from PI into the SCADA system
Until now, we couldn’t find anything about this (important) functionality.
So our question is if we can use this connector bi-directional?
And if not, is this already in the roadmap for this connector?”

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Can you share with us any info about your use case for sending data back to the SCADA system? For example, what is the purpose of that data? How many tags and how often will you send?


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    Hello, in my case I need to send calibration parameters to sensors. Not operate, just calibrate.

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    We are currently sending data of around 200 tags to the SCADA system, but this number will rapidly increase in the near future. Frequency is depending on the data’s purpose but is as small as “once every 3 seconds”.

    We are controlling small, decentralized systems connected to the Scada system utilizing different systems doing complex analysis based on heuristics and near real time data processing. These are hard to in cooperate directly into the SCADA System thus we use the PI System to send a set of commands and set points to the SCADA System.

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