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Add the ability to write to a point using an attribute other than tag name

Provide the capabilities of mapping a UFL data point to a PI tag using a PI Point attribute other than the tag name.  For example, we’ll have a data file from another database that uses a different ID than our PI point name. Could we write to PI using that ID as the point instrumenttag or exdesc?

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  • gheorghe.vatui commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    It would also be also nice if PI UFL could check (before attempting to write any data) if a pi tag with a specific instrumenttag exists. Then if it doesn't, try searching by exdesc and if found, write the data to the tag. We have large backfills where some files have different tag names and although the different names are in the tags' instrumenttags, PI UFL is generating huge amounts of errors we need to check to validate the backfills... not pleasant

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