How can we improve PI Connectors?

Add scan time offset option to UFL Connector

Use case: The UFL Connector needs to read a huge data set from a REST Server which is updated once a day. The only way to control when the data fetch occurs is by starting the connector at the desired time. The Connector however currently waits for the configured scan frequency time to pass before doing its first scan after starting. Furthermore, the Connector/hosting server may be restarted throughout the day for various reasons (e.g. application of Windows patches) throwing the timing off and further adding another 24 hour delay.

Scanning, processing and sending to PI the same data more than once per day is not a practical workaround either due to the handling cost of the large data sets involved.

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  • Mic Paluszak commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Forgot to mention that one of the requirements of having the data arrive in PI on a regular daily basis is so that dependent daily analytics and reports may be consistently generated.

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