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Support Regex engine in the message filters

It would be nice to have regex matching and replace in PI UFL ini files.
Also, would be nice to have anything other than ASCII encoding support (ex UTF-8..with/without BOM, etc)

Use cases: ex. we need to parse timestamps where year has either 2 or 4 digits. PI UFL cannot do that.. so if we could have a regex match statement to match the 2digit year and pad it to 4 digit (or vice-versa, cut the first two digits).

Regex is a totally different beast, lot more powerful than the current simple search patterns allowed.

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    This would actually be very useful for us - we have a couple of customers we work with that use PI UFL interface quite heavily. At the moment, we end up having to do some pre-processing of the files with Powershell to use regex to normalise timestamp fields. Having this as an in-built capability would reduce the customisation required, as well as the number of moving parts in the whole solution.

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