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Add functionality to the interface to adjust timestamps by a configurable amount

This enhancement would add the ability to adjust timestamps to the PI to PI Interface (Beyond the included options for clock drift and subseconds). Potentially, a setting could be supplied to change the timestamps on all data transferred by a specified number of UTC seconds. This setting should be accompanied by a warning message in ICU and the message logs so that the implications of the setting are understood.

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  • Laine commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    We have a third party application that processes our individual plant locations’ environmental data and it requires a 00:00 timestamp. Each local location’s PI server sends data to the corporate PI server which is Central Time and the third party application then consumes the data. The 00:00 timestamp does not pose an issue for the local PI servers that are also Central Time, however in this particular case the local PI Server is Mountain Time an hour behind Central. Being the tags are from AF analyses I do have the option to adjust the timestamp relative to trigger time for some of the tags but this may not always be the case; plus the local locations also use the data and desire a 00:00 timestamp as well.
    I will eventually have issues with Eastern sites which are an hour ahead of Central.

    Are there any other options (interface/ tag configuration) other than adjusting the AF timestamp relative to trigger time to force the timestamp to be 00:00 central time which would be 22:00 for the previous day which would not work for local usage

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