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PI Interface for CAISO Exclude Certain Batch Types

We would like the PI CAISO interface to parse through the .XML files and exclude XMLs that contain certain specified <Batch Types>. Only certain batch types contain valid data for consumption.

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  • jagdish.konathala commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Currently, the CAISO ADS interface processes all data received from the ADS web service. Since CAISO uses the ADS platform for all customers, regardless of level of participation (EIM, Full Market, Intertie), this results a dispatch instructions that are not applicable to us and our units. As a result, inaccurate data (often 0s) is written to existing PI tags and overwrite the correct data. An example of this is ancillary service awards. As a non-full market participant, we do not receive ancillary service instructions. The ADS web service returns these dispatch files, but with 0MW awards and start/end times that align with the market interval rather than real dispatch instructions. Because the ADS interface cannot filter these instruction types, these values overwrite the true unit commitment and market award values. As a result, we have developed a way to use AF Analysis to take in the raw data and write out selected values to new PI tags based on the instruction or batch type indicator that comes from ADS. This work around is cumbersome and has proven to have some errors (slow calculations, missed intervals, PI points errors) which result in no data, delayed data, or inaccurate data. If OSIsoft could add the ability to filter or block certain XML files, based on the instruction/batch type, from being processed or written to the PI tags, this would resolve the issue in the most efficient manner.

    What we propose
    • Split the CAISO ADS fetch and parse into two interfaces so we can use a task scheduler to filter out unwanted XML files. It is currently impossible to do this since scan interval is beyond our control
    • Provide an option to filter out certain batch types in the .ini file or the interface (ICU)

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