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PI Interface for GE HABConnect FLDTIME Support for COUNT Objects

Currently only POINT/ANALOG fields support COUNT. This request would be to enhance the interface to additionally support the COUNT field.

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  • PhilKnight commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    COUNT, ANALOG and POINT all have FLDTIME fields, collecting data from these records should be consistent. For configurations where sampler may have large degrees of latency from the FEP, using different timestamp strategies may result in significant time differences between tags. The choice becomes timestamp from sampler with significant time delay from the EMS, or inconsistent count data.

    In addition, GE has said recently for meters (COUNT), if the meter read does not change value, but the timestamp does, ISD will not consider this an exception and PI will not be able to collect this read. For accumulators this is not acceptable to certain consumers of this data. Being able to sense change using FLDTIME should work around this problem with ISD.

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