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Be able to access the UOM database as tables

The current method of accessing UOM data is inconsistent with the rest of PI OLEDB Enterprise. Instead of tables, we have functions such as UOMAbbreviation and UOMClassName. Imagine if we had a function for each non-ID column of information that we wanted to access (e.g. ElementName, ElementTemplateDescription). It doesn't make sense. Please make the UOM database available as tables.

This would also make it easier to manage and clean up the UOM database. For example, an administrator might want to make sure that compound units (e.g. m/s) are named consistently with their base units (e.g. Canadians might change "meter" to "metre"). An administrator might also want to check the conversion factors in the UOM database against a trusted source.

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  • Kenneth Barber commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Can someone from OSIsoft please decline this idea? The UOM database exists as tables in PI OLEDB Enterprise's successor: PI SQL Client.

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