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It would be great to have an option to backfill/recalculate Event Frame analysis without sending notificaiton.

I know, that notifications are not sent for event frames older than 72 hours, but that 3 days is still too long.

Usually we just want to recalculate  Event Frames to have a proper statistic about the past in reports. The notification is used to alert users about current situation. It is very confusing when we are sending out 2 days old messages.

It is even more problematic, if we just recalculate EventFrames. Recalculation means, that the notifications for the same issues are sent out second times.

I understand that these backfilled notifications might be useful sometimes, but it would be very great to have an option to turn them off.

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  • gmucsina commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    In response to Stephen Kwan, "There are currently two situations where..."
    Dear Stephen,
    1) Difficult question. It might be logical to send notifications for brand new events. I mean, if there were no eventframe before backfill, but the backfill generated a new eventframes, the notification is reasonable for them.
    I think the biggest issue with auto-backfill is when new event-frames are generated after an AF Server restart or Analysis service restart. In these cases a duplicated notification is sent of every active EvenFrames.
    2) Yes, usually we need to make manual backfill due to modifications in templates or calculations.
    3)The easiest solution would be if we could turn on/off notification sending during backfilling, where I can select if I want to delete previous data.  
    We have made a workaround for the issue, and it is working properly.
    We have separated AF structures for different functionalities, solutions.
    So we have created a "Notifications Enabled" attribute in the root element of each solutions.  (Non configuration item!)We have also created a global "Global Notifiaction Enabled" attribute in a separated AF root element. (Non configuration item!)Lastly we have created a formula attribute in each structure "Notifications Active" = min("Notifications Enabled", "\Config|Global Notifiaction Enabled"). This attribute is zero if the notifications are turned off globally or they are turned off for the given structure with the aforementioned attributes.We have put a formula reference eventframe attribute "xyz Notifications Active" in each EventFrames, that generate Notification. The reference points to the "Notifications Active" element attribute of the given structure.After these steps we just had to modify the notification rules to check the  "xyz Notifications Active" eventframe attribute;
    With this solution we can turn off the notifications for a given structure if we want to make template modifications or manual backfill for a given solution.
    And our IT department can turn off the notifications globally if they need to restart the whole server.

  • AdminStephen Kwan (Product Manager, OSIsoft) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    There are currently two situations where event frames may be backfilled/recalculated.

    1) Auto-backfill due to service restart - in this case, the various services may have been restarted due to one of many reasons, such as a reboot, or a power outage, crash or similar events. In these instances, the current behavior is that we would auto-backfill up to 3 days and notifications, if configured, will be sent. The 3 days is to account for a long weekend. In this case, would you want notifications to be sent after the auto-backfill? This is technically a backfill.

    2) Manual backfill - this is related to this current suggestion. This suggestion indicates that you wouldn't want to send out notifications.

    Additionally, we're working on auto-recalculation due to Out-of-Order data for a future release. In that case, you may have a value entering the system in an out of order fashion, perhaps it's a manual lab value, that would create an event frame. Would you want a notification sent in this case? Technically this is a backfill/recalculation.

    Lastly, if we were to provide an option not to send notifications due to a manual backfill/recalculation, would you want this option to be global (applies to all notification rules) or on a per notification rule basis? Or ???

  • Jaison_Rodrigues commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I guess you can just turn off the notification rules of those particular Event Frames and then do a backfill. This way Notifications should not not be triggered.

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