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Show attributes from base template on a derived template

When creating or editing  a new derived template or developing new analyses, I would like to have the option to show attributes from the base template.

I should also have the ability to change the default value of these attributes.

The attribute configuration could be greyed out to separate them from the attributes defined on the derived template.

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  • Haavard commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    In response to David Hearn, "When editing an element template you can..."
    I hadn't really seen the "Group by: Template" option before, as we always use "Group by: Category" in our system, but have had a look at it now.
    As Asle mentions an option to include inherited attributes when still grouping be category would be interesting. (basically making the template look similar to how the element will look like).
    An option to hide Overridden attributes would also be useful.
    I also don't like that when you "Group by: Template", and change the value of an inherited attribute it changes on the base template in stead of the one you have browsed to. It think this could cause a lot of confusion to our users.
    It would be better if this change happened on the template you have browsed to only. This could be done by autogenerating a new attribute on the derived template that overrides the attribute from the base template.

  • af_amitec commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    In response to David Hearn, "When editing an element template you can..."
    I'll let the OP comment for himself, but in my case I rarely use the "Group by: Template" option because I always use "Group by: Category". The use of categories is so deeply embedded in all AF databases I do, so if I check the "Template" option I almost don't recognize the attributes.
    If there'd be another option to "Include inherited attributes" or "View inherited attributes" (while retaining the category view) that would be more interesting to use.

  • AdminDavid Hearn (Principal Software Developer, OSIsoft) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    When editing an element template you can check the group by Template on the Attribute Templates tab and it will show the attribute templates grouped by inherited template. The values will be grayed out for the attribute templates from the base templates to prevent you from making changes that would affect every element created from the base template.

    Are you wanting something in addition to this feature?

  • af_amitec commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I can agree that having the option of showing attributes inherited from parent or grand-parent templates could be useful. Even a popup with "Preview instantiated element with attributes" would do.

    But, knowing how element templates are defined in the PIFD database, changing default values would probably be difficult to implement. It's much easier to just override a parent attribute, with a new default value.

    But a combination of being able to show inherited attributes, and then being able to quickly override them by clicking a button, would be great!

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