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Store PI Data Archive information in an SQL Server database

Most of the PI Data Archive information that is accessible from PI System Management tools is perfect for a relational database: PI Identities, PI Mappings, PI Point attributes, PI Message Logs, etc.

Moving all of this to an SQL Server database would make it easier for the PI Data Archive to communicate with:
• PI Asset Framework (which already uses SQL Server),
• PI OLEDB Enterprise (currently responsible for translating SQL queries to native PI requests),
• PI Builder (translates the PI file format to a relational database format anyways), and, most importantly,
• the user (users know relational databases, but they do not currently know how the PI Data Archive stores its information, so they are stuck with PI System Management Tools and its limitations)

The use of an SQL Server database can lead to a simpler, more transparent, more flexible PI Data Archive. There would be less "translation" code for OSIsoft to maintain and the user can write queries to the PI Data Archive more easily.

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  • Kenneth Barber commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I forgot to use the almighty buzzword. If users can query the PI Data Archive more easily, then that makes the PI Data Archive more EXTENSIBLE.

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