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  1. Rearrange the Classic tab in the Point Builder to reflect the relationship between settings

    If the Compressing attribute of a PI Point is set to Off, then the compression settings are greyed out, which makes sense because they are irrelevant if Compressing is Off.

    However, if a PI Point has its Archiving attribute set to Off, nothing is greyed out, even though the exception and compression settings and the Compressing attribute are all irrelevant.

    I propose changing the layout of the Classic tab to reflect the relationship between these settings. If Archiving is Off, do not show the user the exception settings, compression settings, or the Compressing attribute. If Archiving is On, show the…

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    When you select Archiving = off, no data is sent to the archives. However, the Compression settings still apply because these settings affect what is in the Snapshot. When a client application request the “current” value, the Snapshot is returned therefore it’s important to ensure the system knows and applies the Compression settings.

    Exception settings on the other hand affect how interfaces collect data, regardless of whether we archive the data or not on the server side. Exception settings are important to ensure that we are only collect data (on the interface side) that are significant. When an interface starts up, it connects to the Data Archive to get the points list and also the Exception configurations.

    With all that in mind, please provide additional details on your use case for this idea.

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