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  1. Additional Import/Export option for servers that do not have an Excel plugin

    The excel plugin is very useful for making bulk edits and changes.  Unfortunately, all customers either do not have the excel software plugin or flat out do not allow the installation of excel on their machines thus eliminating the ability to utilize the excel plugin.

    In these cases, it would be incredibly useful to have the ability to perform the exact same function that PI Builder provides but built into the System Management Tools, System Explorer, etc. so that it is not necessary to have excel installed.  This way, I can export data in a pi builder format, move the…

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    Reopening this discussion….

    I may have misunderstood your original request. Are you asking for us to replicate the PI Builder functionalities in SMT or PI System Explorer? Or are you asking for a way to export into a file so that you can then use PI Builder in a separate machine with this file?

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