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Time Graph of Previous Events

In the preview I saw at PI World, each event view had a list of the 3 most recent events.  That list will either be empty or have 3 items with the same name/description and a different date.  The important piece of information is the date (primarily) and duration (secondary).  Instead of a list of events, I think it would be more useful to show a column graph of maybe the last 30 or 90 days where the value of the columns is the number of occurrences.  That way, I could tell at a glance if my problem is recent, systemic, cyclic, patterned, random, etc.

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AdminJanelle Minich (Product Manager, OSIsoft) responded  · 

OSIsoft is committed to providing customers with a more manageable system. We are working hard to solve the problems of deployment, security, and standardized health messaging within our products.

PI System Health and PI System Directory were early steps in the manageability story, and we learned a lot thanks to significant customer testing and feedback. We also discovered that there is much more to making a truly manageable system through these engagements.  In order to pursue these larger needs surrounding manageability, we will not be releasing PI System Health, and we are putting PI System Directory on maintenance so that our engineering resources can be allocated toward these bigger efforts. As such, there are no additional enhancements for PI System Directory planned at this time.

As a result, the status of this suggestion will be changed back to “No status” for the time being. Future status updates will be communicated with here.


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