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  1. Restrict Access to Tenant's Users & Namespaces / Strict Mode

    Ability to restrict user access to an Tenant's Users and namespaces within a Tenant so that certain users/roles don't know other users in the tenant.

    Used for scenarios when a Tenant is storing multiple customer's access within the same Tenant prior to Community Data Sharing services being available.

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    We have implemented a new feature in OCS called ‘strict mode’ that can be enabled by OSIsoft on a customer’s tenant. This feature is now in preview.

    Enabling strict mode hides several OCS portal menus, API routes, and tiles on the landing Dashboard to non-Admin users.

    The feature is intended for use for tenants that may have multiple company’s users logging into the tenant (example: connected services and their customers) and there is a need to hide administrative information and other user information from non admin users.

    Strict mode hidden menus include: Identity Providers, Users, Roles, Groups, Clients, Usage, Health, My profile only shows a user’s own information. Likewise, API routes goes to a forbidden error. Dashboard tiles hidden include: usage tile, health tile, quick links tile.

    To enable strict mode, please contact OSIsoft and we can enable it on your tenant. Please let us know your feedback.

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